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Thread: 1941 el case on bay

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    Re: 1941 el case on bay

    Quote Originally Posted by nmaineron View Post
    Great job!! I always thought that, like VINs,BN#s were unique to the case....
    Yes, in a sense, BN#s are unique. There should only be one left-side case in existence with a particular line-bore (BN#). And one corresponding right-side case with that same number. I'm probably misunderstanding your statement and elaborating on the obvious. Sorry.


    As I said above...Beautiful job! I'm curios about something though. Wouldn't it have been simpler to cut away some of the '41 case into straight edges and angles, then cut the Shovel case to fit? The 'jigsaw-puzzle' cuts that needed to be made in order to fit the new piece are impressive but seem like more labor than necessary. (Please excuse my ignorance.This question is coming from someone with ZERO experience in this area.)


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    Re: 1941 el case on bay

    Hi Clark,
    The reason I didn't cut out along a straight line was to preserve as much original material as possible.

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    Re: 1941 el case on bay

    I'm all for that idea. Thanks.

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