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Thread: 2 cam parts

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    2 cam parts

    G'day Folks
    A fella round here with a 29JDH is looking for a couple of parts to complete his engine rebuild, I emailed Michael Lange but he don't have the parts also asked (Eric)2cam on this site no luck.
    So would anyone know where to start looking for :
    Intermediate gear stud with screw and clip and Intermediate worm gear stud with screw and clip.
    All help greatly appreciated
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    Re: 2 cam parts

    Check close to home. Lookup Steve Raffles or contact Dave the owner of Harley city Brunswick. Also Fred lange in California. Fred makes repop cases. Fred sells 8 valve top ends on ebay usa.
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    Re: 2 cam parts

    George Hood was making Two Cam cams, gears, ETC. I don't know if he still is or not.
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