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Thread: How Did You Start?

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Quote Originally Posted by nmaineron View Post
    Part 2: There was a 70 sportster that was hanging around town which had a bad rep. A springer was put on it that was 10 or 12 over with bad wheel bearings.It was passed around,probably went through five owners in 4-5 yrs. I saw it setting in the snow during the winter and made my mind up that I was going to have it. I had a 73 750 Honda at the time and I saw the owner of the sporty sitting on the curb downtown.I pulled up on my Honda and asked him if he wanted to take it for a ride,he did and when he came back I threw the deal at him,my 750 for his Sporty, strait up. He took the deal and I stepped into the light,it was spring of 74 and just the start.
    Great story Bro !!! Truly a great story !!!

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post
    That is a great story but what did you expect him to say about his 65 FLH ?
    It wasn't what I expected him to say but what I was hoping he would say! Never hurts to ask

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    First exposure was at the age of 10. My uncle had a '47 knuckle. Only got one ride on it, my mom was convinced I would get my feet caught in the spokes and I'd be crippled for life. Didn't matter, I had the bug. Took awhile longer to get up and running. Ran away from home at 14 and ended up in Tarpon Springs FL. Rode around on a '58 Cushman for a bit. Long dry patch until the 70's. Got into dirt bikes and enduros. Then I picked up a 47 WLA for $300. Loved it. Never did anything to it but buy gas and lots of oil. Loved that old POS. Sold it for $600 and thought I had really scammed the poor guy. Now I wish I had it back. Worked my way through a series of shovel heads, then got the old iron bug. Got a '38 knucklehead that turned out to be a restamped '41. Sold it off in bits and pieces and recovered maybe 25% of what I had in it. now I am back to the flatties. Got a 41 UH and trying to replace as much of the repop stuff as possible, but at this late date, not sure I've got enough time left to finish it. They can just bury it with me!

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Anther great story and I really love hearing them. Keep coming Bro's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post
    For me ???? It all started when me Pappy was on leave from military service. Mom was carrying me around in her pouch. Pappy said....OK girl ! Hop on ! A few miles on the WLA brought me forth !
    Back in like '79 I had a friend who was big pregnant I was at her house talking to her and she wanted to go for a ride on my bike. I took her for short ride and next day she called and said : Guess where I am ? " at hospital I just had a son. Another time I gave another pregnant friend a ride and she popped the next day. Then years later my own wife was getting ready to go but she only had to sit on it with it running and next morning , bam.

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Great story, Detroit23. . . Is there anything motorcycles can't do?

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    I probably should have started much much earlier. When I was about 12 or so my older brother was into custom choppers and painting them. We were all into the Wild Angels and such. My brother sent away to Ed ‘ Big Daddy’ Roth ( Rat Fink ) and bought a big roll of black and white posters of mostly real Hells Angels and some of their crazy bike. Ape hanger handlebars, one with corkscrew handlebars, long front forks sissy bars, fishtail pipes ( one of my favorites ). My brother thought there was something wrong with me because my favorite was a low riding bobber type panhead and not a long fork chopper. When I was in high school my brother was painting a flathead trike for a guy who had a motorcycle shop in Detroit. I used to go down there and help him and work on mini bikes. All I remember was that place was full of old panhead parts, but I didn’t pay it much mind until one night I do remember the owner bought some old all original panhead from some local and wheeled it in the back. It had tank shift and foot clutch and all I remember is that one was very interesting to me and I climbed on it and was playing with the clutch and shifter. The owner was showing it to some of his buddies and my brother was telling me to get off of it. I remember him telling my brother to leave me alone and let me sit on it all I want. He knew where it was at. That guy later went on to build one of the wildest set ups I ever saw. He made a chariot. like something out of Ben Hur with two rigid panhead pulling it like two horses, linkage. all over connecting everything. I never saw it in action but I hear he used to terrorize the neighborhood with it on occasion. Wish I had a picture of it. Spent a weekend at custom bike show in 72 with the trike my brother painted and a panhead . Saw Evil Knevel jump and dump and smash into the doors. That man was unbelievable.
    I still didn’t get started there. I got into old Chevies. It wasn’t until the late 70s my brother did some painting for some neighborhood guys and they would come by the house with their Harley’s which started to stir my interest in having a bike. Then, somewhere in there it finally hit me hard where I just couldn’t live without one. A little late as a good paying job was coming to an end and if I had been hit with the bug 6 months earlier I might have gotten a nice big hog or a sportster for a first bike but I managed to pick up a 650 Triumph chopper which I still have

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    I saw the panhead chariot at the Plymouth chili cook off and bike show a few years back......well maybe more than a few years. Anyway, it was really cool.

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    My neighbor down the block had a 1965 Moto Guzzi 165 Stornello and was the first bike I had a ride on. When I was about 7 my father brought home a small Yamaha street bike ( I don't remember the year or model) and wiped out on it, Years later he horse traded his way into a 1969 Triumph Bonneville hard tail chopper and never rode it and swore that non of use kids should ride Too Dangerous....

    My first scoot was a 1970 CB750 never ran right parts cost more than the bike, Traded it for a 1965 Olds Dynamic 88. In my travels I got my hands on a 1969 H.D.Sportster.
    When I was in my early 20's I knew a guy with a '58 pan. First big twin I ever rode and was hooked.
    Today I have a 1966 FLH and a 1946 FL. It's been down hill ever since, And loving every minute of it.
    1946 FL (some assembly required)
    1969 Sportster just parts
    2000 Moto Guzzi 1100 Daily rider

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    another BUMP to this thread:

    My Mother owned a small house "down the road" from the farm, I was 'bout 13 when a short-term tenant skipped on the rent and deserted the place in a hurry. Hearing this news, I rode my bicycle over to the property - just to poke around as kids tend to do.
    When I spotted the tired '50 Panhead, I rode home to report the news. Mom said, "He won't be back for that junk. If you can get it home .. it's yours."
    'Nuff said, four hours later this skinny kid had pushed the 600 pound behemoth (with both tires close to flat) along two miles of dirt roads. Never underestimate the will power of a economically challenged juvenile.
    Fifty years later and having owned a dozen or so lesser machines, that ole Panhead is still my main machine.
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