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Thread: How Did You Start?

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    Elvis had NOTHING on you !

    Thank you...Thank you very much...

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    Grew up with very young parents, my mom was 15 when I was born, so my parents were still young and wild, I remember at lot of street racing at 3 years old, my dad happen to have a 69 open chamber L88 in a 66 Chevelle, grew up with hot rodders and my uncle rode a Capt. America chopper, I saw that stuff as far as I can remember, but what got me was, we went on a vacation to Clearwater Florida when I was around 13 and I saw this guy flying threw the main road a fxe super glide with drag pipes, and that was it...

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    On my 16th birthday, my dad bought me a Motorcycle.... and he said "That is my car, this is your Motorcycle... I will never ask you to borrow your motorcycle so dont ever ask me to borrow my car" But man, I was free....
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    Cool Dad. . .

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