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Thread: How Did You Start?

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Started on a mini bike also, guess i was about 12. Used the only carb i had, on a lawnmower during the day to make some gas money. took the carb and put it on the mini bike to ride afterwards. lol! Then i got a yammy DT 100, honda 250, Triumph 650, 59 Sportster, 67 FLH. Glad you posted this, fond memories.


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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Started with a suicide clutch 45 (mid 60's or so). Clutch did not have the rocker pedal, had to hold it down. That didn't last long. Then a 305 Superhawk. Two Hondas later I returned to Harley-Davidson with a 70 Sportster. 47 Knuckle came next at 27, FL with an EL bottom. That's what I have now, since 1978.
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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Started on my brothers Cushmans. Graduated to a Yamaha Twin Jet 100. then Kawasaki 350 Avenger along with a WLA at 15.
    First Knuckle, a '39, bought as a basket case at 16, built at home in my mom's garage with minimal tools! Pic of me at 17 in high school.

    Next bike was a Pan that I quickly built a Shovel topped chopper out of! 18 years old

    Followed by another Knuckle and another Pan basket at 19

    Built the '45 El at 20

    Along with several others all before 21 and all built by me.

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Mini bikes as early as six years old........My first ride on a real motorcycle was at age nine.......Dad was at work so I fired up his 72 honda 350 scrambler, figured things out from studying him. I managed to get it moving foreward, rode it around the back 40. I was rushing so bad [ fearing getting caught] rode it back into garage. Grabbed a handfull of front brake causing bike to wash out from under me! I then busted my chin open on the riding lawn mower! got "seven" lucky stiches.

    I was really suprized when my Dad got home and didn't murder me! I actually have the plate off this bike hanging on the wall today!
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    Re: How Did You Start?

    Impressive Robbie!

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    I bought a 1971 125 Harley / Aermacchi Rapido from my cousin in 1973 for 125.00. That thing was fun, shifted on the right and back brake was on the left. I rode the hell out of that bike for four years and sold it for 50.00. I wish I had kept it for nostalgia.

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    Re: How Did You Start?

    started with an old Yamaha road trail at 13 (1973) not even sure what it was 150cc? used to leave it at my mate Dave's house so the folks didnt know, blew it up then took it to the local bike shop who said it wasn't woth fixing, so me and Dave went halves in a BSA Bantam $65 we paid at 15 that was a lot, would do 60mph down hill with both of us on board. got my licence 2 years later and a Honda 500/4, sold that then started to swap my car to a friend on friday nights for his 400 Kwaka figured then I needed to get another bike quick, next came a BSA A7, started working on Hot Rods for a few years till that fateful day, "21 July 1985" when I saw the ad for a 65 Pan chopper with all the original parts included (still got the old girl) down hill from there, 90's fatboy, 02 FXDX (Still got her too) a few 70's Triumph Tridents and Rocket 3's, Rickman Trident, 450 Ducati Silver Shotgun, 71 BSA Rob North R3 (still got most of them) 24 J model (future project) 28 JDH (on the bench now) RTV Vincent (getting there) and finally the latest and one I've been looking for a long time 46 Knuckle (pick her up in a few days) thanks to a lot of help from the guys on this forum, just love building them but hate getting rid of them!!
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    Re: How Did You Start?

    I was riding on the tank of my dad's bike from before I can even remember, got a mini bike at age 6, upgraded to a Honda 50 almost immediately, up from there on dirt, "street legal" enduros by age 12, KZ400 for my first truly legal street bike, and dozens of others since. I'm only in my mid-30s but motorcycles are definitely a life long passion. I've already passed that on to my kids too, both of which (boy and girl) are riding as well.

  9. Re: How Did You Start?

    XMAS 1968 Zebra minibike 3 1/2 horsepower. I had just turned 5 years old.
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  10. Re: How Did You Start? bikes at first. Then I saw an older cousin of mine with all his HD's and said to myself, "I want one of those". Bought my first HD in 1987 and have been riding since.
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