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  1. eclipse kick starter

    teenage eclipse countershaft clutch unit were fitted to several makes, and there are people out there making repop bits, does anyone know if someone is making kick start levers like this anywhere in the world? or, god forbid, even an original one for people like us who still dream that these things exist.
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    there's been a few looks but no answers, here's another question, does anybody know what bikes these were fitted to? it's about the time when they went from run and jump external starters so the earlier eclipse unit stayed much the same with the addition of teeth for the kicker to engage in.
    a number of brands used this countershaft clutch so it may help widen my search knowing other bikes.

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    still keen to find out whether this kick starter is an orphan to the emblem or what other models it may have fitted? if you don't know now please stick it in your memeory bank and one day when you're out and about you just may see one....

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    anyone recognise this as to fitting other bikes? it's an eclipse clutch and i've seen the same on one other make so figure it's likely an eclipse part?

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    Re: eclipse kick starter

    I have never seen a starter like that before, and yours is the first I have seen. Step starters didn't really come into fashion on singles, and twin until the advent of the 3 speed transmission, and the Big 3 invented their own proprietary starters. I think it could very well be an Eclipse feature that was designed to work with their own counter shaft clutches, and made to update early single speed motorcycles. I have 2 more observations; single speed motorcycles were antiques in 1915 when the Big 3 revolutionized motorcycling with their 3 speed transmissions. That made everyone want a 1915 motorcycle, and single speeds were dead ducks. Also, I think your starter is an Eclipse option because Eclipse may have seen an opportunity to squeeze a bit more money out of the motorcycle business which they were rapidly loosing their grip on. In the past, Eclipse supplied much of the motorcycle industry with clutches, hubs, and brakes, so 1915 was about the end of their dominance. Oh yeah, the other reason I think it is an Eclipse option is because they would have sued the pants off any company that tried to exploit one of their products; as Harley-Davidson found out. If it is a Thor feature, I would have to think it was made under license to Eclipse.

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    good thoughts Eric, Emblem were struggling and 16 was the last year they produced a range of bikes, moving to just the 600 in 17 and i understand for export only.
    my bike does have a two speed rear hub

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    thread pump, still looking for one of these kickers, these days some basic photos can assist with making a 3d print in plastic, from there one can be cast up, have a think folks, i'd love to get this bike back on the road

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