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  1. Spacke motors

    Im wondering, since i have not seen any discussion or thread on here about FW Spacke motors,they were used on 6 motorcycles and these motors have neat design. They were also used in auto cycles,im wondering if anyone out there has a spacke motor or has seen one for sale maybe at a swap meet,These motors were used in Sears,Crawford,Dayton, DeLuxe,Eagle and Minneapolis motorcycles,i had a chance to buy a Sears ,twin red and white few years back,i regret not buying it.I would like to see pictures some of the motorcycles mentioned as they seem to be very scarce.
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    Re: Spacke motors

    You've probably seen this:

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    Rich,i have seen that website,it has alot of good info about the Spacke company,few years back i talked to a relative on W.F Spacke who was interested in finding some Spacke motors either motorcycle or auto-cycle related,im sure by now the guy has found something.

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    It's probably not widely known in the US, but Spacke did some good business out here in Australia during WW1 with their "De Luxe" motors. The photo shows my 1915 Healing De Luxe, with cycle parts built in Melbourne by A.G. Healing. Direct belt drive, so there's a lot of motor in not much frame. Like many other Australian builders, Healing had been doing well with JAP and Precision powered machines until the supply of motors became difficult because of the war. De Luxe motors were used in numbers between about 1915 and 1918.

    The design of the Spacke motor is extraordinary - in my opinion ridiculously complicated for no apparent reason.





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    Re: Spacke motors

    That is a well proportioned and good looking machine.

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