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Thread: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

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    Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    I thought this was a rather unusual "retro-custom". It was built by an oil field worker in Java.

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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    Now that shows some imagination and creativity! I like it.
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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    Nicely done, granted, real skill and good work, but sacrilege IMO

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    I have restored bikes and I have also built retros. Building retros is much more difficult then restoring originals. Building retros requires much engineering and fabrication. My hats off for this guy, as he did a fantastic job. The nice thing about retros is not only do they have the great antique look but they have great riding capabilities. I think of them as custom bikes. But rather then being a big wheel bagger or a fat wheel chopper, the theme on a retro custom is an antique look. If he used only repro and fabricated parts, then it's not a sacrilege. Bravo, great job!

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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    It is a true show of skill and creativity but I never have been able to wrap my head around the concept of building a bike that is all HD running gear and frame and trying to pass it off as something else clearly in name and font of another brand on the tank? I have seen this multiple times at runs where HDs were decaled and painted to look like they are Indians. I like the bike but find it in poor taste to brand it Norto. Reminds me of seeing Toyota trucks w/Chevy emblems and Corollas w/Mercedes emblems. For me, he ruined it by putting the Norto emblem on the tank. Otherwise, it is an outstanding bike. Seadub
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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    There is a link to the original article right above the pictures. It explains where a lot of the parts came from - mostly hand-made - and why he chose that particular name. (Notice there is no "N" on the end of it.)

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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    I too have built a lot of bikes. It is a top job, great workmanship. I mainly ride a flat tank Norton. I am not denigrating the bike builder or his ability to create a unique style, that is the guys prerogative, I just don't like it.

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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    Funny that putting a triumph twin or triple engine in a featherbed frame is cool, but this is sacrilege?? I reckon its a top job!
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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    Now this is a cool Norton Harley hybrid.

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    Re: Harley Softail "Norton" Custom

    Here's another variation on the theme, a Britified Sporty:
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