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Thread: Knucklehead valve springs

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    Knucklehead valve springs

    What brand or style of springs are you guys using in a Knuckle. Just took a engine apart with 1,000 mile on it and the rear intake valve spring is broken and in terrible shape, took out the valve guide and scored the cylinders, dug into the upper collar and lower tin, unknown manufacture but the are coated green color, any help? Thanks Dave

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    Re: Knucklehead valve springs

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    Re: Knucklehead valve springs

    I went with Kibblewhite also, Igot mine here

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    Re: Knucklehead valve springs

    I had the same problem with the junk green springs from vtwin. Mine lasted 500 miles and the inner spring broke and started making a noise. Luckily I found it before it caused any other damage. Used stock springs or kibble white are both good options.

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    Re: Knucklehead valve springs

    I like OEM Knuckle outers and FLH Pan/Shovel inners. A bit extra seat pressure with modern valves and lighter valve train components. But these days Kibblewhite are a good option.
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    Re: Knucklehead valve springs

    Thanks a lot, will check on some Kibblewhite springs.

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