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Thread: leo and frank

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    Re: leo and frank

    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post
    If one believes totally liberal needs to seek further. Noting on Snopes an be trusted.
    Since this is a humor thread, you must be joking

  2. Re: leo and frank

    I'm with Paps, question everything, why are they the gospel? Just like wikipedia where the 'facts' are submitted by you and I with a backup link to make it factual. Where did the backup link come from snopes? When someone on this forum states a 'fact', don't we all jump down their throat if no proof is provided. Snopes proof, where did it come from? Sorry for the high jack, I just try to keep the blind sheep out of my own back yard.

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    Re: leo and frank

    I guess if you followed the links, you would have your answer. If you have links to disprove them, post them.
    A court case would be part of public record, would it not?? Put up some links...
    I guess liberals like facts and conservative sheep like fox.

    Fun ain't it.
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  4. Re: leo and frank

    As far as myself, I question most things and like proof. I just don't except Snopes as gospel, thats all. You went liberal vrs conservative. I mentioned nothing political. You won't drag me down that political drain on this forum, you should check the non political posting rules, must on here adhere to no politics. Your post is why there are no political discussions on here and why threads get closed. We went from jokes to this (put up or shut up- very funny) in less than 3 pages. Fun ain't it!

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    Re: leo and frank

    I don't care if it's true or not, but I sure wish I could get away with that! The only problem is that my insurance agent knows me and knows how much I love good cigars. She knows I'd go into the burning house to get my humidor out before the girlfriend! Ooops. I hope she doesn't read this! LOL


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    Re: leo and frank

    WTF is a cigar?????:
    Friends help friends move,
    Real friends help friends move bodies!

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    Reading back over the posts, I see where liberal was mentioned by Paps before Skunk. How about we move on back to jokes.

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    Re: leo and frank

    I did slip at the tongue with a truthful adjective after the post was said to be a hoax by a well known totally bias website who have a one way path agenda against those who think differently. All laughed until that post. After that post it went downhill from there.

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    Re: leo and frank

    The initial post is still funny as all hell.

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    Re: leo and frank

    This joke is probably better told in person, but I'll try it here. After you read it, if the humor doesn't really come across, try it on a friend or your spouse. When it was told to me, I laughed long and hard, and made it my favorite joke for awhile.

    A Roman goes into a bar with four of his buddies. Bartender asks, What'll it be?
    Roman holds up his hand (makes 'V' sign with his fingers) and says 'Gimme five beers'.
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