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Thread: Buco saddlebag plates

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    Buco saddlebag plates

    I'm looking for a set of early saddlebag plates for leather Buco bags, these would be the half moon shape with the two holes to secure the bags ,either OEM or aftermarket ok, Any help appreciated ,

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    This is the type plate I'm looking for

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    Quote Originally Posted by grantracy View Post
    This is the type plate I'm looking for
    You might check with Mr. Fabulous in Utah.....

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    Like these?

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    Those are the ones ,

    Quote Originally Posted by 1950panhead View Post
    Like these?

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    Thanks, I'm in touch with him....

    QUOTE=Mr. Big;233925]You might check with Mr. Fabulous in Utah.....[/QUOTE]

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    I may have some Granvil. I'll look tomorrow.
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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    I appreciate that Robbie

    QUOTE=Rubone;234025]I may have some Granvil. I'll look tomorrow.[/QUOTE]

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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    Granvil. I do not have the plates with the two holes. I have the set up for the plastic bubble bags (bags, mounting bracket, luggage rack). Photo's when I can get photobucket to cooperate with me again.
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    Re: Buco saddlebag plates

    Thanks Fabe, getting ready for annual meet in Dania and found a near perfect set of bags for my 50 EL, just need plates.

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