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Thread: JDH timing side repair

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    JDH timing side repair

    I recovered a 2 cam timing side severely damaged (welded, split)
    Repairs advance.
    Thank you Philippe for this beautiful work.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Good looking repair. I like the addition of the two new gussets around the pinion shaft.
    Any chance that you have the XY location data for all the shafts in the gearcase?
    I have a 1928 JDH right side with similar damage. I have a great case welder near me and I can do the machining but I would like to have the relative locations of all of the features so my gear train runs smoothly.
    Mark Masa

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Mark, with the addition of gussets you can't mount the decompressor. For me it's not a problem because i used this engine in a cutdown.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Eric looks much better now. How well does everything turn? Do you think the repair was cheaper to do in France? Eric have you friend machine the pinion bushings out for double row ball bearings.
    Mark you'll need to talk to Marty in NJ. He is doing a 2 cam from the Vegas auction. When i showed him Eric's. He said " he would cut out the whole center section. Then weld in a 3/4 6061 aluminium plate." If you don"t have his number i'll send it to you. At the time(july) Merty was 18 months away from any new projects. But he will yap on the phone about advise.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    I had similar issues with the 1929 JHD I rode across the US on the second Motorcycle Cannonball.

    When we rebuilt it, prior to the event, at Wheels Through Time we discovered sloppy repair work in the cam chest. Off to Michael Lang who fixed it and sent it back better than new. I know there is no way that engine would have made it across with Michael's expert touch.
    Buzz Kanter
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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Hi Rob

    Yes the repair was cheap in France because it's a friend who made the job.
    Now we have to check the two cases alignment.
    We think install a self-aligning double row ball bearing.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    buzz you are the only guy i know who had good luck with an ML rebuild. I know of several motors that seized after his rebuilds.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Yes Rob you are right ;-)
    Here last update of crankcase repair.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Beautiful work Eric. Thanks for the great pictures.

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    Re: JDH timing side repair

    Damn that's some fine work right there!
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