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  1. cut down instructions

    i know i saw a copy of original instructions for doing a jd cut down on early pre 25 bikes.i think maybe it was a shop dope does anyone know where i can find that info again and would it apply to post 25 basically or is there a different set of instructions for those.also was someone actually making conversion kits for using a 4 speec trans in a jd cutdown or whats involved there? i imagine i could figure it out setting up the trans and clutch but will there be major alighnment issues there? also what spokes would i use to lace a 19" dc vl rim to an early 20's front hub? do you think i could use an early sportster 18" borani rear wheel and brake set up instead of the stock band brake? ohh i got off topic here but its a 29 jdl that is the base of my cut down project. thanks

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