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Thread: Original Harley tools

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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Quote Originally Posted by MATT MCMANUS View Post
    Wow, some of the tools are really old, I looked it up today Doug Creech owned the Harley dealership here is Charlotte from the late 1920's until 1970 and worked as a mechanic at the dealership before he bought it from the original owners. Thanks for you help Robbie, I really appreciate it.
    I thought I heard that name before.

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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Interesting that the little glitch in the human mind that causes people to completely skip words while typing, existing in 1949.
    I wonder if it goes back to caveman days when they chiseled hieroglyphs onto cave walls......
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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Is there some way to recover the missing pics in this thread?
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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Dave, that's pretty neat. I have not seen much paperwork from Creech, if you are going to let that go I would be interested.

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    Re: Original Harley tools

    I don't know why the pics are not up anymore, you can click on the pics and it will take you to my photobucket album all the pics are there

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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Check out what I made (with the kind OEM tool loan from Matt McManus)
    Harley JD Pinion Bushing Facing Tool, HD Part Number 11939-X
    Used to face shoulder of bushing to proper deck height as well as square it, post install, with the pinion shaft.
    OEM cutter is RH cut but the only HSS cutter that I could find was a LH cut.
    Has a 3/8" square on end to turn by hand but would probably work better in a drill press or mill.
    I'm probably going to do a short run of 20 or so of these if anyone is interested. Let me know.
    $130 + Shipping
    Mark Masa

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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Real nice work there.

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    Re: Original Harley tools

    Matt, I know this thread is a couple years old. But I wanted to ask if you still have any of these tools and would like to sell some. Please let me know. PM sent, thanks, Eric

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    Matt--are you selling any of the wrenches? I need 11806-31..I saw you had one. Steve

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