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Thread: Kreem tank liner

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    Re: Kreem tank liner

    I bought 6 sets of tanks from a guy that said he had treated them with kreem. Nothing but trouble with all 6 sets, peeled, flaked, Ect. Don't know if it was done right or not. Personally , I've been using Red Kote for 25-30 years with excellent results...

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    the performance of any tank liner hinges on prep. quite a few who use liner products lack the patience necessary to prep a tank the way any particular tank needs to be prepped. There's a number of different ways to prep a tank proper to the condition of the inside of the tank. and of all the different liner products, depending on the condition of the inside of the tank, some liners are better suited than others for the condition specific to that tank.

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    Re: Kreem tank liner

    A product I used on a 1928 tank.
    At the time I was very happy.

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