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Thread: Bonhams 2cam auction

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    Bonhams 2cam auction

    Hello all.

    2 cam Two are for sale at Bonhams auction.
    I have some doubts as to their originality! Especially when I look at the numbers motors.
    I have never seen casings 2cam without bruises or trace left by the footrest support! ...
    What the experts think ?

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    Re: Bonhams 2cam auction

    4629 is SO bad even A neophyte like me can see it. Double stamped 9 and file marks, wrong fonts etc. 1174, the other one, looks good but that one I will leave to someone else to comment on. To me the stamps look like factory but are they right for the time period. If they are good then pad looks like either was blank and stamped or a good job was done on it, or they are good as gold. Remember I am NO expert at all.

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    Re: Bonhams 2cam auction

    The 28 may have original RH case but the LH case is an obvious restamp. The tappet blocks are real at least. Notice that the gearcase cover has had dowel pins added. A very good idea, but why the builder didn't make them blind is beyond me. I know that Fred L cases are pinned like that but not sure how or exactly where. VIN pad is obviously milled down, fonts are wrong as well as the spacing. What's the deal with the VIN being stamped onto the frame? In TWO places to boot. That's a first. Odd that the 28 has late 29 cylinders and an I-beam fork leg. Regardless, it's a beautiful bike.
    The 29 has a reproduction bottom end in it.
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    Re: Bonhams 2cam auction

    These bikes are from Europe. The frame stamping could be a requirement.
    also it looks like it's just one guys collection. I would think after seeing the E.J. Cole auction you would consign less bikes at once.
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    Re: Bonhams 2cam auction

    I am fortunate to have two original housings 2cam and shape of numbers is not the same.
    The numbers on the frame was not compulsory in Europe. At least in France and Sweden.
    They are required today to get a historical certificate of title.

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    durreycyles i like the 38 four and pretty much all the others too , Rob

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