59 has been running great and starting pretty easy. Until this morning that is. The bike ran fine a few days ago when I parked it in the garage. I keep it on a trickle charger (Eagle Pitcher 6 V 18 amp) the battery is a couple years old. Anyway It will usually fire when cold with 2 prime kicks with the choke 3/4 on and then no choke and slight throttle ign. on, one kick when warm. Man it's been nice since I put new intake o-rings on the manifold. I went to start it today and I wasn't gettin it. I kicked my balls off, finally it started and ran for a few seconds then died, it kept that up until I gave up. Fuel on, fresh gas in the tanks, I decided to switch out the new Blue Streak condenser with an old oem one I had taken off this same bike. The bike fired up and ran with a little throttle twisting and then finally settled down and idled ok, except now when I rev the motor I get a backfire when letting off the throttle out of the exhaust. I cant imagine what changed. I'm gonna take it out for a ride tomorrow if I can get it runnin again. I put a new set of Harley 3/4 plugs in when I changed the condenser today, I guess I shoulda tried just the condenser and then the plugs instead of changing out two things at once.