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Thread: More Harley XA stuff...

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    Re: More Harley XA stuff...


    I guess you are well aware of who all the internet sellers for XA stuff are but I have not noticed this seller before so thought I would post it incase it is of any use to you.

    I do not have an XA myself but I follow and learn stuff from your XA build threads.


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    Re: More Harley XA stuff...

    Thank you! This seller is Milan's Motorcycles from Canada. He is a parts dealer and has many XA parts for sale.

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    Man, this thread has been truly fascinating, and very inspirational.
    Now all you have to do for perfect replicas is to go to Scapa Flow in Scotland, and secure stocks of pre-nuclear steel!
    Nice to talk to you on FB the other day...

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    Re: More Harley XA stuff...

    Good idea :-)

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