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Thread: Another sad case....

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    Another sad case....

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    And this to boot...
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    Re: Another sad case....

    And another......... Pays to do your homework kiddies. Whoever is bidding on this the dog has apparently ate their homework.......

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    Re: Another sad case....

    I don't know about the numbers, but the mottled texture on the case looks like silver paint over grease and dirt. In the recess of the ribs, you can see caked on crud under the paint.

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    Re: Another sad case....

    I think it looks like someone had a center punch, a 12-pack, and the desire to deceive.....
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    Re: Another sad case....

    It looks like "Fish-Eye" from the paint being sprayed over a contaminated surface.
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    Re: Another sad case....

    At first I thought someone went over it with a stippler to hide welding, but now that it has been mentioned it does look like paint over dirt.

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    I was thinking it was paint over old chrome.

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