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Thread: The "Killer's" 59 Pan

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    The "Killer's" 59 Pan

    Jerry Lee Lewis 59 FLH Sold today at the Mecum auction in Kissimee Fl for $350,000.00. The bike was given to him by the Motor Company and only has a little over 2200 miles. This replaced his 57 FLH which he said had a better motor. He owned the bike since new, 55 years.

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    Re: The "Killer's" 59 Pan

    I knew it was going to do well, but not because it was a correct original '59 (which it was wasn't). It only pulled in that kind of bread because it belonged to a celebrity.

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    Re: The "Killer's" 59 Pan

    A friend texted me that it was on TV, so I was able to watch it happen. Jerry Lee was there, and he played "Great balls of fire" for the crowd. He signed the bike, too.
    Sold for a silly price, but like my friend said- There won't be any more!
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    Re: The "Killer's" 59 Pan

    1/10th for the bike, 9/10ths for the signature. Buyer is a dumbass, they could of gotten the signature for free...
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