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Thread: Holly crap! This is just getting stupid now

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    Holly crap! This is just getting stupid now
    Don't these people ever go to swap meets?
    Maybe I'll sell all my own floorboards and buy another house.

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    Re: Holly crap! This is just getting stupid now

    41 Bids, I'm thinking they don't get out of the house much...........

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    Re: Holly crap! This is just getting stupid now

    I'd like to make a comment here.
    The seller is someone I know and have done business with in the past. He's a good guy and ALL of my dealings with him have been fair.
    My comments regarding this particular auction as well as others that this topics section was created for are directed at the market. Or at least a small segment of the market that is pumping these prices up. When you look at the bid history on some of these super high sales, it's almost always two or three bidders representing the last 2/3's of the sell price and then there's the rest of us rabble at the bottom. We are still bidding more than you can get them from a friend or at a swap meet but that's just eBay.
    It has NOTHING to do about the sellers. More power to them. Hell, from time to time I get to be the lucky bastard on the selling end of something that goes for several times it's value. I'm a dyed in the wool capitalist all the way. This is simply a small segment of the market speaking. I'm just commenting on how the prices on some of these items have simply skyrocketed recently. It's a bubble and it's not real. VERY LITTLE of this stuff is actually rare. Harley made LOTS of rectangular footboards between 1914 and 1939 and LOTS of them are still in boxes and bins on peoples shelves.
    I still see rectangular footboards at swap meets. They seem to have been selling for $400-$500. Not anymore. I'm glad that I already have all that I will ever need.
    I in no way intended to offend or implicate the seller.

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    Re: Holly crap! This is just getting stupid now

    Are the floorboard studs different from the j era studs? the ebay ones have 1 nice rubber mat. right now at $2800 they are a little over half what i paid for a 27 jd project/basket case. the basket case came with 2 extra pairs plus side straps, brake pedals and clutch pedals. If you guys are real quiet you'll hear lucy saying sell them now!

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    Re: Holly crap! This is just getting stupid now

    The floorboard studs on a J are different than the ones on the pair that sold for $2800, but big twin studs are an easy find at swap meets. I'm with you rob, I have a pile of floorboards just like the ones that sold, rubber and all. Unfortunately there's only one other guy willing to pay just a little bit less for a pair.

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