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Thread: 45" Transmission

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    Re: 45" Transmission

    The original WR cluster gear was made, shaped, and looked just like the one that came out of your tranny. The # was R2303-42.

    The part # for the bearing race is R2522-42.

    The standard # 2521-41 thrust bearing was used on all WR's.

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    Re: 45" Transmission

    Thanx Ralph,This helps a bunch,I will back edit my post
    Next question:1933-'38 low[large] & second[small] mainshaft gears
    Left is an odd set of gears with the bushing splined in the gear
    Right is standard gears with normal bushings
    Are these odd gears early in production or are they special RLDR & WLDR '33-'38,
    made to keep the bushing from sliding in the gears???
    They have a mark on both of these odd gears-see third pic
    HD '33-38 low second.jpgHD '33-'38 low-second.jpgHD '33-38 low second odd bushings.jpg
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    Re: 45" Transmission

    Wish I could help you with this one.

    I have several of both of these gears in inventory and have used many more in builds, but I don't have, nor have I seen any with the splined bushing.

    The competition parts list doesn't show any special gears or bushings except for the close ratio clutch and cluster gear discussed earlier.

    Interesting find. Don't know if Harley was experimenting or could there have been after market gears being made back then ?

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    Re: 45" Transmission

    I think these are Harley,I thought I might stump you with this set-they surprised me.
    Johnny Sells book has the regular ones and doesn't show these-they are standard 21 and 17 tooth
    The 2nd gear has the dogs cut all the way thru ,like the low gears are,unlike the standard 2nd that are flat on backside

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    Re: 45" Transmission

    Yeah, I noticed that second gear was cut all the through which would make it a little lighter, for a racer maybe?

    Maybe someone else will read this post that has info on these gears with the special bushings and markings.

    Would like to know the story behind these.

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    Re: 45" Transmission

    Mainshafts and gears-1st two pics are backside next is dog side
    far left:'33-'40 reverse gear 18 tooth[2296-33][This 18 tooth is flat on backside]
    next is:'33-'38 low 21 tooth[2294-33] & second 17 tooth[2295-33]--low has raised area in center of backside,
    second is flat backside
    next is '39-'40 low 21 tooth[2294-39] & second 17 tooth[2295-39]--all '39 and later low is flat backside,second has indented area for the spacer to ride
    next is '41-'73 low 22 tooth[2294-41] & second 18 tooth[2295-41][This 18 tooth has the recess for spacer/thrust washer]
    right is '41-'73 reverse 19 tooth[2296-41][recessed backside]
    bottom left is '33-'40 mainshaft--right is '41-73 mainshaft
    '41 & later gears are wider[except reverse]mainshaft is longer,wider
    HD mainshafts & gears, early left.jpgHD mainshafts & gears-backside.jpgHD mainshafts-gears-early left.jpg
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    Re: 45" Transmission

    first 2 pics-Shift levers and gears: The top left is 2242-26 used in '26-30 singles and 45"
    there are others '31-'37 well covered in Johnny Sells book
    Next is lever 2242-38 ['38-early '40]and early version of gear 2241-38[teeth all around]fits '38-'39
    next is gear 2241-38[later] [12 teeth]used in 1940
    botttom left is gear 2241-41 [15 teeth]used in 1941-73[larger dia. than earlier gears]there are 2 versions of this gear
    next is shift lever 2242-40 used in mid 1940-'52-last is Big twin lever[flat] & gear 2"dia. 10 tooth
    next pic is NOS 2242-40 levers-interestingly one was cad plate and all others were parkerized
    next pic is 34449-52 used in 1952-'73-welded

    HD shift levers & gears.jpgHD shift levers.jpgHD shift levers NOS.jpgHD shift lever 34449-52.jpg
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    Re: 45" Transmission

    One more lever: this is in 1940 trans with date code K9[Nov. '39]
    All of the 45" levers from '38 up have a dogleg step to the right, below the hole
    this lever is off to the rear at the top-is this 1940 WLDR?
    HD shift lever unknown part number.jpg
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    Re: 45" Transmission

    I have a box full of the 2250-40 levers and about 20% of them have the offset to the rear like the one you have pictured in the 1940 trans.

    The height (distance from the center of the hole to the center of the shaft) of the lever in the 1940 trans is what determines whether it is a 2250-38 or a 2250-40.

    I don't have but a few of the 2250-38 levers now and none of them have the rear offset, but I think I've had some like that.

    The shorter 2250-38 levers were used with a 2208-38 shift gate that has a 3 1/2" long slot.

    The 2250-40 levers were approx. 1/4" taller and used with a 2208-40 shift gate with a 4 1/4" long slot. The longer lever results in a longer throw of the shifter lever in the gate.

    Don't know why some were made with the rearward offset. The main thing to remember is to be sure that the gate and lever on the tranny match or you will have shifting problems.

    I've seen miss matched parts on bikes and the owner wonders what's wrong with his transmission. One shift gate looked like it had it's slot lengthened with a hack saw.

    As far as the cad plated lever goes I'd say it's probably a '50 or '51. 45 trannys started getting cad parts starting with the clutch lever in '48 then latter came the sprocket cover, top, and last I believe was the shifter lever. To my knowledge all '52-'73 levers were cad, welded and had a 5/16 hole instead of the 1/4" hole.

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    Re: 45" Transmission

    Thanx Ralph,thats pinning down the cad lever!'50-'51 ,good info on the gate/lever as well
    Thanx ,Roger

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