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    IMAG0105.jpg A buddy of mine picked up a 38E here in Colorado. Any input on this VIN is greatly appreciated.

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    Not a good VIN, never was a good VIN.
    1942 and later left case.

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    It has a state assigned title. Could have been a replacement case. It is good as a rider, not as a restoration.
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    Re: Another Vin

    You are joking, right?

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    Thanks Chris and LJH for the feedback. I should have been a bit more specific in my question. The VIN has been obviously been re-stamped by the state of Colorado at some point. Both cases have been chromed and I can't see any case numbers on either. Looking at the VIN numbers that have been stamped over, any chance they are the original numbers/cases that the state stamped over? The engine was purchased from a guy who collected old Police inventory. A majority of his bikes had side cars with them. I'm assuming the bike was a 38ES but I believe the "S" wasn't stamped on 1938's. There wasn't a title with the engine but he stated it was an original Knuckle engine. Do the VIN #'s look legit? (before they were stamped over of course)

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    Re: Another Vin

    The VIN numbers (the originals) are nowhere near original. As stated previously, even the case they are stamped on is not a '38. The Vin on the pad in the picture is wrong font, the pad appears modified, and the chroming likely use to hide some of the evidence.
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    38's have short rib cases, those are long rib cases. They were not stamped at the factory, only way that VIN legally ended up on these cases are if they are factory replacement cases. Even at that point, it is not what people want and kills the value of the engine.

    He should look for another set of cases and sell those

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    Good to get the facts. I greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge.

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    Like Chris said, "It is good as a rider, not as a restoration."

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