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Thread: Fantastic displays of motorcycle skills

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    Fantastic displays of motorcycle skills

    We enjoy watching the annual Tour de France bike race during July and if you get a chance to check it out you'll witness some incredible motorcycle action. There's over 50 modern motorcycles on course with the bike racers, weaving in and out between racers, dodging spectators and support cars, alternating speeds between a slow uphill bicycle pace to over 60 mph on downhill twisties. Much of the camera work for the telecast is shot from the back of motorcycles, a cameraman is often standing on the passenger pegs, looking backwards and shooting video as the pilot weaves between the riders accelerating and decelerating constantly. Right now they're in the mountains (Pyrenees) and the motorcycles go up one side at low speed, then down the other side at speeds that are incredible....and you get to feel like you're on the bike all from the comfort of your couch!

    Oh...and the bike riders are good to watch, too! (Tough buggers....yesterdays winner pulled away on the last downhill and stated he figured "I was either going to crash or win"!)
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    Re: Fantastic displays of motorcycle skills

    I ride a bicycle every day and the slowest rider in the Tour de France is a superman. Amazing athletes.

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