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Thread: Help with paint codes Indian

  1. Help with paint codes Indian

    According to Jerry Hatfields Indian Buyers Guide, Indian Red was standard on the 1924 Big Chief, but white and dark blue were optional.
    So now I am trying to find the paint code for the blue. Any help appreciated.

  2. Re: Help with paint codes Indian

    Wow! Even if you could find the paint code; I don't think you could get anyone to find the formula for the code. On top of that; I don't think anyone could mix the paint even if you had the formula. The original paint was probably an enamel and enamel is getting difficult to acquire in accurate colors due to tinting issues.
    If you can find something painted the blue in question; some paint shops have computerized scanners that will spit-out the code and mixing formula; but probably not for enamel. The mixing formula would likely be for acrylic enamel or acrylic urethane. What to do? You may want to get a close dark blue by using something like the Police blue that Indian used in the 1940s. Jerry Greer offers the paint mixing formulas on his website and the part number of the sheets (which are free to download) is JG-3262. I'm not sure what the paint brand or type is. You could ask at the site. Another option for a dark blue is the 2014 Indian Springfield Blue. This blue is fairly dark and does not have any metallic in it. It would probably be close and is available from current Indian dealers. Good luck

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    Thanks for the reply. Here is the story so far.
    Received advice from a member on the AMCA to contact John Pierce at Color Right for the info. John's website says he no longer supports Indian colors or questions, but I asked nicely anyway. While waiting for a reply I contacted Dr. Mark from the Indian Motorcycle Community to see if he could help. He checked hit literature and verified that a blue was offered. He then contacted a long time friend who restores cars to see what he could find. Steve then took the step and contacted George Yarocki to discuss and the final determination was a current paint code of Volvo 096 is a match. Just as this was happening, John replied that he had the color and had gotten it from original paint from indian parts. When I compared the two from chips, my eye could not tell the difference. If you want to see the color, search youtube for "1924 Big Chief" one of the results will show a 24 in very dark blue with a sidecar frame attached without the tub. As a matter of fact I just ordered the paint from John this morning.
    Thanks for the reply. Now to try and find the few remaining parts needed to complete. Need a correct chainguard and fuel tank.

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    Thanks for the Volvo 096 code. A friend of mine is looking for a dark blue and he might go that route. It sounds like you are all set. Paint can be a real hassle. Dupont; who supplied paint for Indian for many years can't help much due to chemistry changes over the years. When it comes to Indian Red; which is a common color - Dupont declares that the 2001 Indian 'Anniversary Red' or maybe called 'Centennial Red' is a match to original Indian Red. I'll check out the youtube site so see the color. Unfortunately; I don't have a chainguard or fuel tank for you bike.

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    If you are looking for the correct red, Contact John, he has it for the 20,s early 30 color as well as Walker Machine. It is NOT the bright fire engine red we see commonly on Indian restores of the era, but it is a little darker. A maroon color. If you check John's web site you can look for a 27 scout that was painted correctly. He once again got the color from actual unrestored parts.

  6. Re: Help with paint codes Indian

    Hi Rob W.
    Thanks for the correct Indian Red tip. I'll check it out.

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    Chief, the color is Dupont # 143 AH. Hope this helps.

  8. Re: Help with paint codes Indian

    Thanks Rob W. I checked out Dupont 143 AH; and this is for Centari single stage acrylic enamel. I also found the code for Dupont Nason Urethane; 88191m code D. The RM UNO-HD; single stage urethane is; 8609-A. All these three codes are for the darker red - like a crimson/maroon Indian Red. This is apparently the accepted Indian Red. It seems to be a mystery what color the lighter/brighter red is that is sometimes seen in period photos of 1940s-1950s Indians. Indian did offer the color Scarlet on the 1950s Warrior TT race bikes and this color is certainly lighter/brighter than the traditional Indian Red. The lighter/brighter red may also have been Chinese Red which was available on 1930s Indians. Maybe by the 1940s - Chinese Red may not have been 'politically correct' anymore and it was quietly discontinued as a standard color option. More Indian mysteries.

  9. Re: Help with paint codes Indian

    Jim Wilson <[email protected]>
    7:51 AM (3 hours ago)

    to Real Indian Riders


    and this

    Auto/Truck/Fleet Paint Cross Reference at

    it appears that : there are many ways to navigate this site and rabbit holes to drop down into.
    not sure ... yet , how to get to earlier than 1940 paint codes nor how to change to Any Indian Year for a color tag, color sheet, paint codes .
    also note the chips are close to automotive paint colors of similar yrs . which the links will guide [ wittingly . . . . to /thru the yrs ]

    found 18 paint color chips with a make of "Indian" sorted by year
    [ click on the color page ON THE LINK Above ]

    Indian paint collections: yellow red blue green black white orange gold silver brown gray pink purple

    Color Codes - Tangerine Paint Cross-Reference

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    Re: Help with paint codes Indian

    What you need is a cellulose enamel and a low humidity medium temp environment (50f to 70F) to apply it.

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