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Thread: Harley Handlebar tap

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Put my name on one too.
    Chris Haynes
    A.M.C.A. Member
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    I can't Re Member
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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    yes please, sent email also

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Dave Lash is doing this for us-not profit ,thanx

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    I called Dave --Robbie ,Chris, and Bob are on the list

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Can't remember if I pm'd you or not...but count me in.

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Dave is at work till order time but I told him I would call before he orders ,Dewey is in

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Duffy, pm'd you. I'm also in.

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    David CBC ;

    Yes I do want a tap please send me your email address at the appropriate moment. And thanks for your initiative, yours sincerely Tomas

    Tomas Engström
    Övre Fogelbergsgatan 3
    SE -411 28 Göteborg
    [email protected]
    (could not get the reply mechanism to work properly on the CAMAG site, thus separate answer this way)

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    Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Tomas,you are a day late and a dollar short

  10. Re: Harley Handlebar tap

    Rubone have been trying to pm you,box is full please clear some! Everyone else I sent pm`s out on 6/17 if you did not receive one please let me know! Thanks to all who have payed. I spoke with the manufacturer today, they are in process and might be done this week. I will post all information as i get it. David

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