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Thread: Short Frame 101 Scout

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    Re: Short Frame 101 Scout

    Are your handlebars for the earlier style forks or the 101 style? What other ways does your 28 short frame differ from the later 28 short frames? Sounds like a cool bike, certainly unique. Steve Blanchard did a story in the Antique Motorcycle concerning types of Klaxon horns mounted on Indians in the 20's. If I remember correctly he had a photo of the accessory horn and mounting bracket, and he said they were rare and he hadn't seen one, only pictures. If you have any pictures I would like to see them, it sounds like my bike and you bike have a few similarities but lots of differences for being made so close in time. My bike is a 27 45 ci. Did your bike have a du 5 or 7 generator?

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    My 28 has the 101 style bars as well as a du7

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    Interesting, I have a 1927 short frame with the rear brake on the left side (opposite to the brake pedal), it has the DG motor (37ci), with the 28D transmission/clutch, it has the flat sports handlebars, so overall a very interesting unit and interesting to ride. I have only had one ride as have been getting her back on the road after some 4 yrs.

    I purchased her about 12 mths ago after being advised that she hadn't been started after a total restoration.....mmmm...not quite so that is why I have been slowly working on her and I finally got her started and took her for the first ride but had a few issues, mainly front cylinder running way too hot, I think I have remedied that, so now have been working on the throttle/advance grips to swap them for my simplicity, then another ride to test the motor under load.

    She isn't red but off white with the maroon tank panels, which I don't mind as apparently the did have a few different colours.



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    Re: Short Frame 101 Scout

    Nice find there Hollywood64! I'd love to see some pictures! Especially if the off white is original as some light coloured bikes was shown on exhibishions and also in Police service in that period! Very rare!

    During 1927 the advertising is a bit difficult to interpret. What I can see, in 1927 the factory sold 3 or maybe 4 versions of the Scout, not counting the "knee" version. First was the 37ci that was sold as "The Solo Twin", then there was the 45ci model, advertised as "Scout45" and it was sold in 2 or versions, the "Sport Solo" and "Police Special". The "Sport Solo" had just one difference that I know of, the sport handlebar instead of the regular handlebar. Perhaps the "Sport Solo" was sold plainly as "Scout45" as seen on some rare period footage of tank decals.

    There is a complication as there was a 45ci engine variant that was available for purchase. A souped up carefully assembled engine with a few special details in it like carburetor and pistons and -perhaps special cams and crankshaft- that can be found in some part catalogs and descriptions. Was that engine fitted only for police service, in "Police Special" and/or for special customers? I don't know.

    Sometime in 1927 the frames got changed with "knees" and the through the crankcase bolt engine came (CG-CGP), and then both the 37ci and 45ci version got the rear brake on the left hand side and the big clutch. The production continued parallel with the 101 version under a period in 1928.

    Sport handlebars can be found both with the earlier flat centerpiece casting, and later slightly angeled up version.
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    Re: Short Frame 101 Scout

    Well against my better judgement and the wife didn't object, I have had a 28 short frame project arrive in my shed. (My 28 101 is enough of a project).
    It has the following.
    - 101 style forks and handle bars. (Stem section is the same but lower section is around an inch shorter, probably lengthened on 101 to allow for the greater rake on the 101). No front brake or attachment lug.
    -Left hand rear brake setup with cross shaft for the foot brake and internal expanding rear hand brake.
    -Ears cast to the frame for the seat spring mounts.
    -Spreadlight head light mounted on 101 type horns
    - Full pan style seat.
    -Du5 gen mounted to front of seat tube.
    -earlier frame mounted ammeter/ light switch rather than the 101 Dash panel.
    -37" motor with through bolt (CG1528) and the original smaller primary drive.
    I also have the original motor from my 101 which started as a major basket case which is CG255 which I am thinking of putting into this machine as I suspect CG1528 is not the original for this bike anyway and I have upgraded the 101 to 45".
    The short frame machine came with both an h series and delux series carb. I feel the delux is the correct one for this bike from everything I have read. Any comments on this would be appreciated as I am trying to get this set up right but there seems to be a lot of variations in this era and no comprehensive answer sheet. Cheers Andrew

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    Re: Short Frame 101 Scout

    Hi munks
    in the 101 shop manual , pg 17 . the 101 fork offset is 4-13/16" from centre of stem to the centre of the rocker stud hole . measured with the fork facing down on a flat surface . both bikes have same neck rake but different trail because of that offset .

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    Re: Short Frame 101 Scout

    Hi Friday. I'll have to pull them out and try that. I have the shop manual ordered so hopefully it and many answers will arrive soon. Where abouts in New Zealand are you? (being a Kiwi myself).

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