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Thread: Rust Removal

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    Re: Rust Removal

    Quote Originally Posted by everiman View Post
    2015 update, started with molasses, then found out that its actually sugar that does the deed, so I just used sugar, and it worked great, dissolve as much sugar into hot water as it will hold, add parts, seal it up tight, wait for six weeks and stand back! Lately though I have been using metal rescue, which does the same thing but in 24 hours or less. The label does not say whats in it, but it does say it is safe, re usable (a few times) and can safely be poured down the sink when used up. Parts look the same as when done with mollases or sugar, rust turns into black slime that washes off with water.
    +1, I also used Metal Rescue, works great and it does not harm paint.

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    Re: Rust Removal

    I tried the white vinegar in a rusty gas tank. I could not believe how fast, and well that worked. A gallon of white vinegar costs about $3. Mix it with water and see what happens.

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    Re: Rust Removal

    Actually; nothing will happen until you drop in a rusty part

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    I have used Evapo-Rust with great results .
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