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Thread: Bikers Against Child Abuse International

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    Bikers Against Child Abuse International

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    Re: Bikers Against Child Abuse International

    A good friend of mine is a member here in Georgia. He is one of those that can really deal with a physical situation if necessary, but he is also one of the most kind hearted individuals you'll ever meet. He and his wife devote an extreme amount of their time to B.A.C.A..
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    Re: Bikers Against Child Abuse International

    A few years back I had an internet friend/ acquaintance who was going through a pretty tough time with an ex who was physically abusing her pair of handy capped kids. The elder kid was ill equipped to deal with the anger this was causing him and it was probably going to lead him down a bad path.

    I contacted some of the Baca guys that frequent the various HD forums and they took these kids under their wing. As I understand it they have a pretty good and stable family life now. My friend states that she will always look at bikers in a different light as a result.


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    Re: Bikers Against Child Abuse International

    I'll never understand how someone can abuse a child, or a pet that they are suppose to love, support, and protect. Thank God for BACA, and any of us that intervene when they see abuse.

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