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Thread: New Jersey's Pumpkin Run

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    Knuckle45 Guest

    New Jersey's Pumpkin Run

    This saturday (Nov. 3rd)

    Dont let the cheesy website fool you. This is a killer show. its at an old Salvage Yard which still has a ton of cool old wrecks you can go check out (40s-60s stuff). They also have a ton of hot rods, customs, crazy old engines - last year a guy took me for a ride around the junkyard on his 1907 Case steam powered threshing tractor. Good food, nice area, shady, wooded, good people. the past few times i went there were a handful of really killer bikes but it cant hurt to get some more out there. this is in South Jersey, pretty close to the AC Shore.

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    Knuckle45 Guest

    This years Pumpkin Run pictures

    Here some picture of this years Pumpkin Run hope to see more old bike next year

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    Knuckle45 Guest

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    Great photos, thanks for sharing.

    All the bikes are great but I really love that black Pan bobber, and the blue & white '65 Panhead looks exactly like one I used to own, but mine had a blue tinted lower on the windshield.
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    Knuckle45 Guest
    The black pan bobber belongs to panhead Tony he has bin riding this pan for 35 years its his everyday bike. Its bin stock chopped and now a bobber here is a picture of his bike stock

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    brokenspoke Guest
    Hey Knuckle 45, There Was A Nice Maroon Knuck There Last Year.
    Was That Yours? Were You The Bald Head Guy With The Neck Tatoo ,
    Taking The Pictures?

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    brokenspoke Guest
    The Knuckle In The Picture Above?

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    Knuckle45 Guest
    The Maroon Knuck is my bike.The Bald Head Guy With The Neck Tatoo
    Taking the Pictures is Boogie Rag Joe

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    brokenspoke Guest
    Didn't I See These Same Pictures On The Jockey Journal?

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