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    I have seen you tube videos of a bloke named Indian Jeff ,does anyone know what ever happened to him ,he had some really rare bikes and rode the them ,for what they were ,him and some friends rode from Seattle area?? to Strugis on there Indians ,and there was an Ozie chick with them .Rob

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    Indian Jeff McGreary passed away a few years ago. He was in a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident and lived his last few years in Montana. I lived closed by him when he was living in Burien. I will always remember the "parts tree" in his backyard, which was a tree full of m/c parts. They once hauled out a complete 40's Indian leaf spring front end out of it. Jeff worked at Norm Gerlichs antique cycles in the Seattle university district restoring motorcycles which could also be seen in the tv show you're talking about. Jeff was a good guy and an interesting character. There was also the time when he had the stand off with the Seattle PD. That might be on you tube also.

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    Honestinjun ,thanks and sorry to hear he has passed,he has given me alot of drive with my bikes to get out and ride these old vehicles ,i did see the stand off with the cops on you tube ,he seems to have been a lad , is there any old photos or a bit more on a motorcycle historian ,he was a rider of old bikes and should be given that respect.Rob.

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    There used to be an Indian Jeff benefit page on the Internet which had some old photos. I don't know if it's still there? There was a big benefit in Seattle hosted by Peter Fonda , which was a friend of jeff's put on by Norm and some other people I believe. If a bike where restored going in to a collection, Jeff would say it was going to prison. Yes, he was a real rider. The tv show was a PBS show hosted by Al Roaker(of all people?) and part of a series. Great riding scenes.

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    I am Indian Jeff's nephew. I have been trying to find people who knew him, or have heard of him. He passed in Jan 2010. I spent a lot time with him in Montana. I will share more stories and photos.

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