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Thread: Frame paint

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    Re: Frame paint

    " Make sure to use an etching primer over bare metal so the paint doesn't scratch off with the slightest effort. "

    If I'm using a poly-primer,should I use a self etcher first? Frame is blasted to bare metal.

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    Re: Frame paint


    we are looking at same pic and we see different things

    I do braze by myself and know how frame looks like just after it
    also there are well known pics of knuck frame during brazind at MoCo
    and it evident when you compare it and your paint pic
    that sth has been done to this frame
    its covered in some uneaven greish shit

    flux and zinc shades are gone

    its similiar situation as with your statement about
    redish colour of early knuck braze joints
    if you would ever braze by yourself you would know that if you overheat joint
    braze becomes more copper in colour as zinc evaporates from brass


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