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Thread: Best sportster Year?

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    Thanks Droptop, I spend a lot of time on that floor too, Larry

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    13,168 Views !!! Is there a software glitch in the forum? Anyway with 110 replies it's obvious that Sportsters are near and dear to all our hearts!

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    Trust Jesus

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    The below are all my personal opinions and tastes, so take them as such.
    Based on coolness, I guess in order of preference, I would put it like this:
    1957 and 1958 XLs are the coolest XLH models: They still have the cool K model styling. 1959 and later XLH have updated styling in the nacelles, tanks and fenders that IMO spoil the original look. The original 57-58 k model nacelle was much cooler than the 59-66 locamotive nacelle, which was in turn much cooler than the 66 and later nacelle. The k model tank was cooler than the turtle tank.
    1959-1963 XLCH: Still has the cool, one sided front brake. (The subsequent ones with the hamburger hub were still awesome though). The 59-65 horseshoe oil tank is cooler than the 66 and later lunchbox oil tank.
    The 59-65 AC speedometer was the coolest sportster speedometer. The single or double instrument pod up to 73 is cooler than the 74 and later separate mounted instruments.
    The short frames of the 57-67 XLHs and 59-70 XLCHs were cooler than the longer dogleg electric start frames.
    The cast steel lug 57-73 frames are all cooler than the 74-78 strap steel frames. The 78-86 triangulated rear disc brake frames are much much less cool than any 57-78 rear drum brake frame. (The only really cool post 78 sportster is the bare bones, black piped, solo XLX 61.)
    The 57-e67 engine cases with the single wide polished rib on the rough textured cam cover are cooler than the L67-70 cases with the multiple ribs. All 57-70 cases with the separate timer or magneto are cooler than 71 and later cases with the points in a conical projection in the polished timing cover.
    Generator engines are cooler than the alternator engines.
    The early rocker boxes (that the shovelhead design copied) are cooler than the later, notched rocker boxes.
    18" rear wheels are cooler than 16"
    The optional Borrani flanged "mudcatcher" aluminum alloy laced wheels are cooler than the plain chrome rims. Any laced wheel is cooler than any cast wheel.
    57-73 Internal throttle, 2 piece bars and switches are cooler than 74 and later bars with clunky switch pods. Speedster bars are cooler than buckhorns.

    In conclusion, for ironheads, the earlier the better. They got it perfect in 57 and got the XLCH perfect in 59 (except for the goofy up pipes-gotta have staggered duals! )

    If I could pick any Ironhead as the coolest, I would choose a 1960 XLCH with solo saddle and Borranis.1960 xlch.jpg

    As a matter of fact that wouldn't just top my list of the coolest ironhead, or the coolest Sportster, or even the coolest Harley; it would be the coolest motorcycle - in the universe. Pure sadistic, hell-raising motorcycleness!
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    Re: Best sportster Year?

    My favorites have trapdoor transmissions.

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