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Thread: Which Way To Ride?

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    Which Way To Ride?

    OK, so what is a guy supposed to do on his motorcycle when confronted with this?

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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    88mph ....

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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    Pull over to the side, grab a beer out of the bag and think about it.

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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    call in an air lift

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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    He tries to find the camera..............
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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    levitate !!!!!
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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    Throw a lasso around it, pull it down, and drag it behind your bike for a few miles. Do the same to the clown that put it up in the first place

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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    Beam me up Scotty
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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    That was a quick thinking road sign crew! No Road Closed signs on the truck but plenty of directional arrows on board so..... Have at it boys!


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    Re: Which Way To Ride?

    Brings to mind that "You can't get theyaa from heaa". Don't know how to type the downeast Maine accent
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