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Thread: How Old Were You When.......?

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    How Old Were You When.......?

    OK, so how old were you when you first thought old bikes were cool?

    I was into Japanese cafe racers when I first got into motorcycles. Never cared much for dirt bikes, but loved the low bars and open pipe Japanese machines - 2 and 4 stroke.

    I used to look down at Panheads and other Harleys.

    Then I discovered the romance of the older machines when I was in my late 20s. Now I am fortunate enough to have owned a few older Harleys over the years. Perhaps it's time to try an Indian one day.
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    I have always had old bikes because that used to be all I could afford. First bike when I was 15, in about 1961, was a Globe (made in Chicago) Safety Scooter. I have never seen another one. Then in '62 I stepped up to a 1955 Cushman Eagle, then in '63 a '57 Super Eagle. While at the junkyard in '64 while scroungin' some Chevy parts a guy came in with a '47 Servi-Car. The junk yard refused it so I clamped the tow bar on my car and drug it home. Went work for my Uncle Sam for a couple years in Viet Nam. Got home from that a bought a brand new '67 Booneville. Soon after I tired of the Turnip and bought a '50 Panhead basket case. Then a running '52 Pan Chopper (which I still have). Over 100 bikes have passed through my hands since then. Today I have the following projects/bikes. '27JD, '36EL, '37EL, '45ELPolice, Generic Knuck '50's Bobber, '48FL Police, '50FL, '52FL Chopper, '61FL '60's Chopper, '65XLCH, '73X-90, '73 Servi-Car, '72 XL, FXR Rode Warrior, an EVO Custom is rising, and a '95 FLHTCU with Sidecar. I love old bikes, but as I am becoming a legitimate old fart I appreciate the comfort of 5 speed rubber glides.
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    Chris, is that bike in your avatar?
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    One of my earliest memories is when I was four years old (circa 1958). It was the Fourth of July and I watched the parade downtown with my parents. I have a fleeting memory of the parade while perched on my dad's shoulders. After the parade passed I have a very vivid memory of a guy climbing on what seemed to me to be the largest motorcycle I had ever seen. Witnessing him kicking the beast and having it fire to life left me awestruck. I think that was it for me. Always liked them ever since that day.
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    My first real bike was a 57 Sportster. Great gal I dated but I made the mistate of leaving me bike at her Pops' home. This great gal caught me in the sack with another great Gal. I never saw my 57 Sportster again. Paps

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    I seemed to have been born with the motorcycle bug in my veins. My mom has pictures of me sitting on the gas tank, pretending to ride my uncle's Kawasaki when I was 4 (1976). She said one day I climbed up to the handlebars all by my self and it was my favorite place to be for months and months.
    I received a red plastic motorcycle- tricycle type toy that christmas. Through the years my dad replaced the worn out wheels on it 3 times!
    The first classic motorcycle I rember seeing was only parts and pieces.
    1929 JD.
    I was 9 years old. It was love at first sight. I now own what is left of those very parts and pieces, the engine alone.
    The pride in quality and craftsmanship of that gone by era just amazes me.
    I probibly will never be able to afford the parts to restore this once apon a time board track racer, but that engine is the seed of why I love Harley Davidsons.
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    [QUOTE=DLS8;9095]I seemed to have been born with the motorcycle bug in my veins. My mom has pictures of me sitting on the gas tank, pretending to ride my uncle's Kawasaki when I was 4 (1976).

    Born in 1972? Geeze, my boots are older than that!
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    As a youngster i had the priviledge of hanging around the shop of the late Fleming Horne. Fleming tolerated me being a young, nosey kid, asking all kind of irrelevant questions about his collection of antique bikes. In the mid 60's I remember seeing a title, thumb tacked to the wall. Noticed the title was to a K-Model and registered to Elvis, but thats another story. Hanging around all of those bikes gave me the passion at an early age. Rode Honda's, Benelli's, Yamaha's......anything I could afford, until the passion developed into an obsession in the early 90's. Lucky to be the caretaker of a several antique bikes. Sad to say that anyone who visits my shop under 30 years old has very little interest. The typical question asked by youngsters today is "Got any choppers ?" Oh well, they will eventually come around.

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    First was a Rupp minibike at 12 from my brother-in-law. At 16, (1973) a 200 Honda. Next year was a 305 Honda. 1975 brought my 1961 XLCH. Made a chopper out of that in "77" and broke the cases in "78". Later in "78" I bought a "63" FL and still ride it daily to work most days. I start at 5:00am on Monday so I ride my "01" Roadking in the dark. 60 miles round trip to work.

    I sold the xlch when I broke the cases, and would like to get it back. I haven't been able to locate it yet. I'm from the Kansas City area and the VIN is 61XLCH3073. It was an orange rigid, with a long glide frontend and an Invader mag on the rear. You know, typical of the era.

    I remember thinking when I was looking for a "pan", that the 65 was too ugly with the e-start crap on it. Ha, jokes on me!!

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    I had a lifelong love affair with my grandpas 1972 FX superglide. I remember bein a kid and watchin him kick that thing over by the front door so he could take my sister and I on rides. how fun.

    when did I really appreciate them? oh, 27-28ish. grandpa wanted me to help sell some of his knucks, after the first one was gone I really still didn't know what I had goin there. Now that I'm workin on gettin dads 51 pan together (he gave me) I'm really fallin in love with the older stuff. unfortunaltley I'm only a firefighter, so I can't afford much, but I poke away at it.

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