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Thread: How Old Were You When.......?

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    I was in my early 30's but like many have loved both 4 wheeled and two wheels machines my whole life. I started in old cars and moved to motorcycles (like Eric) because space and garages can be hard to find and motorcycles fit in just about anywhere. My first motorcycle was a 1996 Heritage sold to help finance my first antique, a 1948 Indian.

    Motorcycles were not allowed in my family growing up but I had a great Uncle, my Grandmother's brother, who was an avid motorcyclist in Germany and have some wonderful photos of him on his BMW's both civilian and military machines. I never did meet my Great Uncle, he was killed in WW2 but I guess a small part of him lives on in me and many times when I'm riding I think of him, I guess he's watching over me thinking, way to go, boy!

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    Re: How Old Were You When.......?

    Thank you I enjoyed that I too started riding in Germany on a 1950 BMW and I wish I still had it. I know you didn't say you started in Germany but your great uncle did I had many riding companions in Germany and wish I knew where they were now.

    OK folks.....NEXT!!! lets do some posting here everyone started SOMETIME tell me when the bike bug bit you!!!


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    1956 Pontiac Chieftain - now THAT was a fine car. We had a '53.

    Quote Originally Posted by goat View Post
    To this day I find it amazing how a fleeting memory viewed for mere seconds so many years ago could strike a chord in this young developing male, become etched in his mind and inspire him for a lifetime.....

    I was standing in the back seat of 56 Pontiac chieftain and watched a man kick crank a Triumph it was years later when I figured out what it was, but I remember the sound, and watching the rings around the tops of his "Bobby socks" go up and down when he changed gears. Yes, I have often wondered why this image stuck in my head all these years. I also wonder if any image of me and my motorcycles have stuck in another young persons mind like that image did me.

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