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Thread: Dave Bieber's ride for the Wounded Warrior Project

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    Dave Bieber's ride for the Wounded Warrior Project

    I came across this on the AMCA site. The Wounded Warrior Project is an amazing organization that helps disabled Veterans. Us guys on the ship have a team that does 2 or 3 Tough Mudder Races every year to raise money to support the WWP, we get the honor of running these 12 mile obstacle courses up mountains, through rivers, through fire with some of the bravest men and women of our armed services. The last race we did there was a double amputee with his fellow Rangers, carrying him through the thickest mud, him pulling himself up 15 foot walls to the finish. Powerful stuff. Anyway here's the link, Mr. Bieber is riding his 1942 WLA across the country to support the WWP.

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    Re: Dave Bieber's ride for the Wounded Warrior Project

    That is a huge task on that bike. Buddy has stones. I see he is ending at Washington DC. I was going to try and be at the US rolling thunder then up to Canadas rolling thunder called the NMR National Memorial Ride in Ottawa. Too bad he will be too late for Rolling thnder what an arrival that would have been. Im guessing the snow in the mountains would slow him in early April.

    I support the Wounded Warriors project in Canada. My bike group raised thousand for the project over the years. In Canada its focus is a little different. It was originally developed to send care packages to our wounded in hospital. When Canada closed its overseas hospital in the early 90s we had no place for our wounded from overseas tours so the US was so very kind to give us space at there hospitals in Germany to treat our wounded. For a Canadian soldier wounded on the battle field you get stripped of your cloth combat gear and arrive rather naked without your comrades and no one from your army to take care of you other then the pure medical support. WWP Canada sends care packages like regimental track suites pajamas slippers MP3 books magazines T shirt. Better then wearing hospital paper slippers and gowns. And most important for our dying soldiers there families are put up in a US hotel beside Hospital. Great project. As a wounded soldier myself I know how important these initiatives are to the wounded.


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