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Thread: Chinese Riding Skills?

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    Chinese Riding Skills?

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    Re: Chinese Riding Skills?

    Whoopsy Daisy

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    Re: Chinese Riding Skills?

    He was destined for the bottom of that hole from the time he entered the intersection, you just felt it.
    Completely drunk, most likely.
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    Another prospect for the three-patch Chinese scooter club, The Sons of Mao. No patch-in this time around, or ever...Bones
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    Re: Chinese Riding Skills?

    Anyone need a "organ donor", one just dropped in.
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    Re: Chinese Riding Skills?

    and still didnt figure out the throttle was stuck wide open..

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    haha now that was funny

    at least in that hole he cant hit any more cars or buses

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    Re: Chinese Riding Skills?

    naw, now he is riding the wall of death and waiting for an audience

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