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Thread: Victor's 1949 Hydra Glide Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveSwanson View Post
    Victor, nice seat but it's not "correct" for a 49. That seat came out in 1955, maybe a tad earlier.

    The seat for your 49 should look like this.



    I have been trying to remember where I saw that this was the correct seat, but I can't locate my source, but no doubt you are correct and I will have to look for a correct seat... damn! I though I had it.

    If you or anybody knows of a source for a correct seat, I would certainly appreciate it.


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    Re: Victor's 1949 Hydra Glide Project

    Victor, if you don't have a copy already, Bruce Palmer's How To Restore Your Harley Davidson is a must. Referring to this book will save you a lot of money over time.

    You need the 49 thru 54 solo seat to be correct.
    Dave Swanson

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    Thank you, Dave. I will order the book. I am sure it will be very useful.

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    Hi guys! I have been taking the HD out every weekend on my neighborhood and I have to say I really enjoy it a lot. However, there are still several things I need to either master, or at least to know a bit on them.

    One of them is the timing control, or the left handle control. I retard the timing to start the bike, of course, but then when it starts I advance timing to allow the bike to run better. In old cars (my real hobby), that is mostly all you do... retard timing to start and then advance it almost all the way for driving. However, in the HD case, I need to be playing with it, mostly if I go slowly... I need to retard it so the bike will run smoothly, and not pulling itself a bit, and so that when I accelerate it will respond adequately. If it is too advanced, it won't accelerate properly. Let's say that if I have to accelerate from going slow, I need to move both fists or handle bar controls, at about the same time.

    Is this regular procedure or do I have something perhaps not properly adjusted on my bike?

    If I am going 'fast' with the engine at higher rpm's, I can leave the timing advanced and forget about it, but when going slow I do need to retard it or otherwise the bike will not respond.


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    Time has gone by... still using the bike at least a couple of days a month... and still the same doubt... Timing control!

    Are there any videos for begginers that show how to ride on an early Harley?

    Would anybody know of a source for a correct seat? I would certainly appreciate a lead for it.


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    Hi guys!

    Long time, no post....

    I am getting the HD running again, after a time and some dismantling at the shop, restoring the wiring harness, and making small repairs.

    I still need to find a source to a correct solo seat for my bike. What it has now is apparently from 1955 or so. Can anybody reccomend a source?

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    Re: Victor's 1949 Hydra Glide Project

    You shouldn't have to retard the timing at all after you have started the engine, just leave it fully advanced. If you have to retard to run well I would say you have it set too advanced. When you kick the engine over, you just need to retard enough so the plug doesn't fire before you reach the end of your kick, try useing less and less retard for kicking until she finally does kick back on you. Then you will see just how much retard you need...
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