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Thread: Good place to sell a '47?

  1. Good place to sell a '47?

    I have yet to introduce myself in the proper forums. I inherited a fairly original '47 FL. Are there certain places better than others to sell this bike? I know a bit about the bike but don't know if eBay and Craigslist are the appropriate places to sell this. I really want to find the right buyer for it. I'm in the southern California area. Thanks.

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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    Thanks for the question.

    You will clearly get comment and possible offer(s) if the bike is original and clear close up pictures are put on this site.

    With member comment of your bike, you will have a clear idea of what it could be worth and the best place to advertise it.

  3. Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    I'll try to get pictures up soon. I took about 60 pictures of various parts on the bike. There is a local machine shop that does a lot of work on these classics and so the guy there had given me lots more info. Thanks.

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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    You should post here to start.

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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    Don't do Craigslist; it is full of sharks. eBay with a reasonable reserve, or starting price is safest; use PayPal. If you're near a major metropolitan center, an auction would be fun.

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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    to answer you question. "Are there certain places better than others to sell this bike?" Take it to Japan....because that's where it will end up
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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    PM me and Ill send you my number Im looking for a 47 and will come there and pick it up and do all negotiations on site. I pay in cash and I KEEP THE BIKE I collect them myself Im american this bike will stay in my collection until Im dead.


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  8. Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    Here's a small amount of photos. I have about 60+ photos of different parts. Here's the story. My father bought it when he was 19 in the 60's. I inherited it a few years ago and so it sat in the garage for a while. I've cleaned the fuel system and had the Linkert carb professionally rebuilt from a local vintage Harley shop down here a month ago. The guy pulled out his books and believes it is a real late '47 Knucklehead, perhaps one of the last ones in production. The cases match and match the title, which is 47FL7227.
    The California Highway Patrol here verified the bike and it has a clean title in my name. The frame has a raised UU on the front. The gas tanks are original but the emblems have been replaced with decals. I have a set of the original handlebars as well as an original tail pipe, and have some saddlebags and buddy seat to go with the bike if wanted. It is still a 6V system, the battery is a year old and the coil, plugs and wires have been replaced. Some pics were taken when the carb was being rebuilt. The Cycleray headlight has some small dents in the back and the paint has a few chips here and there from being about 20 years old.
    I hope this helps, I really do not know that much on the technical details of the bike. I have more pics I can post if it will help determine the value of the bike. I'm not really looking to just sell it quick and cheap so that's why I'd like to avoid Craigslist if I could. Thanks.

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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    Nice bike but very far from being a correct '47. The number is in about the middle of the range, not anywhere close to the end.(my '47 is 1202x) and is about 300 units from the end of production. there is an awful lot of incorrect stuff on your bike. The tanks are missing the emblems and mounts (although some PDs had plain tanks), the forks appear to be inline (note how close the fender is to the front crashbar), '48 up speedo, later seat, Panhead muffler, custom pushrod covers, Panhead bars, custom top tree, switch cover missing, lots of incorrect hardware, aftermarket saddlebag plates, wrong front crashbar, etc. Lots of good stuff there but not a very correct '47. However it is a real '47 knucklehead engine once you get past the cosmetics, and all the running gear is fine except for some of the finishes. For a serious collector the value isn't there. For a project bike it has potential. For a rider it is good to go. Value?? That is a tough one. I wouldn't buy it unless it was cheap because it would take a lot to get right. My estimate based on current Knuckle market and how much is correct would be in the 18-20K range max.
    If i was looking at it I wouldn't offer more than 12K. To me it is just a rolling basket case. And I would approach it as if every component needed rebuilding.
    That is my opinion only, take it as you will...
    Oh, and I am not interested in it,so this isn't a fishing expedition!

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    Re: Good place to sell a '47?

    Looks like the crash bar is not mounted to the frame as seen with this image.
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