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Thread: Tire change

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    Tire change

    This guy seems really happy to be having to change a tire.
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    Re: Tire change

    He looks like the skinny guy on America Pickers. Maybe he's happy because he hosed a widow out of the bike and the tractor.

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    Re: Tire change

    Thanks Morgan, what a beautiful picture. The sexiest motor cickle ever built. Bob L

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    Re: Tire change

    Yeah. Thanks for that. D'ja notice the child seat on top of the tanks? And about 1938 8) : no fender s.s. side strips, and no camcase fins, but flare-fittings on the oil tank and a flat lens in the "hognose" beehive taillight.

    'About as sweet as they come. He's smilin' cuz the rain held off while he's tryin' to change his tire outside, on the rear stand!
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    Re: Tire change

    Great Picture. I think he is just happy to see he has some tread left. He couldn't see the tire until he lifted the tail section because of the big goofy mud flap.

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    Re: Tire change

    Could be he is the tractor owner who is getting a high nickel for changing out an early Rubs bike tire ?

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    The tire went flat on the way to the mother-in-law's home. Wifey took the picture and is glad they will make it there in time for dinner. He can't stand they mother-in-law. He is smiling because he knows that he will get himself some later...Bones
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    Re: Tire change

    '' Take a pic son. Otherwise your mother will think we were at the hotel ''
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    Re: Tire change

    "Right after I take your picture here, I will take the tractor back to town and bring us back a couple of brewskis."

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