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Thread: Fleabay seller that has my respect

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    Fleabay seller that has my respect

    Weather or not it's true. This seller throws it out there and i think just about as good as it get's. Nice tank by the way and reasonably priced IMO.
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    Re: Fleabay seller that has my respect

    I have bought a couple items from Gerry, including a 36knuck frame, have always been satisfied, Larry

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    Re: Fleabay seller that has my respect

    I have had Gerry restore a few frames for me and he did a superb job. It took a while and wasn't cheap but they were perfect. He is a perfectionist and I have seen his work on bikes and the level of detail , down to rebuilding old battries that are correct, is excellent. All his parts are OEM HD and in excellent shape and if it needs repair it will be perfect of he won't let it out of the shop.


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