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    I recall reading somewhere that someone was making a ''OEM'' style battery case that took a sealed battery for 12v application does any one know of what i speak

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    Re: Battery

    One of the forum members sells them, erdos I believe...
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    Re: Battery

    Yes erdos sells them...

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    Re: Battery

    Does he have a 12v? I thought he only had the 6v.....

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    Re: Battery

    If you have the case you can buy 12V batteries at batteries plus that fit...
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    Re: Battery

    Batterys plus has one?Which battery is that?

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    Re: Battery

    I had one in my 51, I believe it was an exit lite battery. The former owner said he bought it from Batteries Plus. I had the bike for seven years with the same cell.
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    Re: Battery

    I had this battery in my Servi-car for 7 years.
    I replaced it this year, Battery Plus, $49.00.

    I have a 6 volt in my Scout.
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    Re: Battery

    Anyone know if Geoff (erdos) is still selling these 6 volt battery set-ups?
    Sent several PMs with no response. Thanks.


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    Re: Battery

    No he does not, been a few year since he has had them. There is one style that is sold buy I think LowBrow i think they get them from WW but it says Bates on it i think. And i guy named Chris has them with the H-D logo goes by the name Battery Box Guy, I have his number if you want it, PM me.

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