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Thread: I'm confused? Is it a 1948 or 1959

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    I'm confused? Is it a 1948 or 1959

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    Re: I'm confused? Is it a 1948 or 1959

    Although it does look a little wierd, don't get too worked up over it. Stranger things have happened. I have a '41 EL titled as a '59. The VIN is 41EL18xx and the same number is on the title. But some wanky stuff happened in the early 70s and somehow it became a '59 before I bought it.

    The motorcycle in the eBay ad will never pass muster with most folks, even if the story is legit.
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    Re: I'm confused? Is it a 1948 or 1959

    Crap numbers, and that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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