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Thread: Generator test machine

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    Generator test machine

    "Surveys show that electrical service work is at the top"
    At the top? I hope so, this cost $483 in 1947, a 47EL was $590.

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    Re: Generator test machine

    I think Chris has one. I know of one but the guy thinks it is gold.

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    Re: Generator test machine

    I guess the local HD dealership in Charlotte, NC thought it was too expensive too. My dad has their old generator testing machine. It is a the front section of a 45 engine case with the generator cradle and strap still attached. It has an early 3 speed trans with a clutch driven by a heavy electric motor with a double row 45 primary chain between the elec motor and the trans. I will try to take a pic tomorrow if I remember its a pretty cool machine.

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    Re: Generator test machine

    Ten years ago I had a Factory HD one like in the pic, a private party wanted it & made an offer. So I contacted the Factory to see if they wanted it before I sold it, they made me a generous offer of $200. bucks, which I turned down and took the $5000.00 offer I had. No they're not worth gold but still worth a little bit of change.
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    Re: Generator test machine

    I have one, not working. Bruce has one the sings and dances.
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    Re: Generator test machine

    Well I finally got around to taking pictures of the generator testing machine that was used at Charlotte Harley Davidson for many years. Its the front section of a 45 motor with an early 3 speed trans with a clutch. All of that is spun by a big electric motor with a double row primary chain. It has a switch at the bottom of the table that you press with your foot to make it work. It works but the wiring is pretty scary and needs to be replaced.

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    Here is one that I have, same partial case concept, belt slips until you pull it back and gen spins. Single rpm but lets you know whether it is working or not. Could use a lower amp gauge though. Bob

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    Re: Generator test machine

    If you read the WL book it goes through a process to diagnose the gen by basically using the Motorcycle as a device to spin the generator!

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