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Thread: Just Kickers Rally Davis OK April 25-28 2013

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    Re: Just Kickers Rally Davis OK April 25-28 2013

    For anyone wanting to join the ride from Oklahoma City area to the Rally in Davis, here is the plan:

    We are going to meet Saturday morning in the parking lot at Fort Thunder Harley-Davidson. 500 SW 11th St, Moore OK
    It's on the Southbound service road between the South 4th St & S 19th St exits on Interstate 35.
    There is also a Poker Run meeting there that morning, so don't get mixed up with all the TwinCams!

    The plan is to leave the parking lot, ride up to 4th St and turn East, go about 4 miles to Sooner Road (which is now designated as Highway 77) We will follow Highway 77 south, thru several small towns to Davis OK. This route is roughly 75 miles. Then it is another roughly 4 miles to the campgrounds.

    I do not know what food vendors will be set up at the rally, last year there was Barbque Sandwiches from a local restaurant.
    They had severay canned colas, there was also beer and bottled water available. But Davis is just minutes away with many other choices if you prefer.

    Drat..after all that selling I notice on the flyer it says 'Must be 21 to Enter" That is to protect the beer vendor from underage sales.

    I plan on staying until about 4:00 pm. Then returning to Moore the same route. This should get everyone back to the city area before 6 volt headlights become an issue.

    The Just Kickers organizer joined AMCA in February, so this is now an official AMCA recognized event. This means I will have a release form that non-AMCA riders will have to sign.

    This will be my first attempt at organizing a ride, and you can tell I'm following the #1 rule "Keep It Simple Stupid!"
    If anyone is familiar with the Arbuckle area around the campgrounds and wants to lead a ride in the area I won't be offended and may very well join myself.

    There are stations (convenience stores) along the route and in Davis offering ethanol free gas if you are concerned about the length of the ride, including a side trip. We are going to go slow and easy, this is a ride for old machines to go see more old machines. BUT, anyone is welcome to ride along, on anything. I especially encourage family members to join on another bike, or to follow behind in the family car. This is truly a family friendly event (especially daylight hours).

    Depending on finances & sunburn factor I may return on Sunday. I know several people that want to go down on a different bike. (someday I may have 2 that run, but not now)

    Either our group, or the bunch from Texas will have a pop-up there with AMCA & Cherokee Chapter banners. If you ride down alone, or with a different group, please stop by say hello.
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