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Thread: WLA 45 Chain Oiler Advice Please

  1. WLA 45 Chain Oiler Advice Please

    Hi All
    I'd like some advice about the front chain oiler on my 45CI WLA please.
    How much oil should they drip? Mine seems to drip so much that it collects in the chain cover and makes a big puddle on the driveway. I'm guessing about 1/4 of a pint per week. I suspect the oiler itself needs replacing as it looks just like a length of tube, and the previous owner of this bike has stuck a plastic plug into it, probably in an attempt to slow the oil flow.
    I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions please.

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    Re: WLA 45 Chain Oiler Advice Please

    I have the same issue (more then 1/4 pint per week) and the prior owner plugged the chain oiler. Thought I'd bump this.
    Too many bikes, not enough time.

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