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Thread: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 2nd Edition Has Been Reprinted!

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    Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 2nd Edition Has Been Reprinted!

    I want to express my thanks to Greg Williams for re-issuing Modern Motorcycle Mechanics and Speed Tuning by J.B. Nicholson, Second Edition!

    In case you're not familiar with it, J.B. (Bernie) Nicholson was a Canadian who wrote and published Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, a hardbound book, in the early 1940s. He knew his stuff, and had collected the "how-to" on all the popular motorcycles of his day.

    Though a lot of Brit bikes are covered, what's interesting to us here is that in the early editions (Bernie went through seven editions in his lifetime) is info on Harleys and Indians in the "American" sections going back to JDs and VLs, that is still invaluable to restorers today of the earlier American bikes.

    As we know, the Harley-Davidson Motor Co. did not publish a shop manual until 1941, for the U-model Flatheads and Knuckleheads, and those earlier models were not covered in it. Also, the Indian section goes into details not usually seen in Indian's piecemeal publications. That's what makes this new issuance of MMM 2nd worth its weight in gold.

    It's easily worth fifty bucks to VL and JD guys who want to learn what's in it. It also contains a "Shop Practices" chapter that covers things like boring cylinders and refacing valves, using original techniques, and lists factory tolerances and clearances.

    Originally published in 1945, this Modern Motorcycle Mechanics 2nd Edition, is an indispensable guide for owners of JD and VL models Harleys and Indians. Today, the second edition of MMM and ST is the best source for present-day restorers and riders of early American Harleys and Indians. Later editions of the book left out the earlier models to make room for more recent bikes, and the Speed Tuning section was also taken out.

    It's a limited edition: only about 500 copies will be printed, and it's only about fifty-eight bucks. Beat-up original copies of the Second Edition are getting way more than that today on Ebay and the like! This hardbound book is a spittin' image of the original, and can't be distinguished from an original except for the "2013 Reprint" notation on its cover.

    You can order it directly from Greg Williams, biographer of Bernie Nicholson and the story of MMM, who went to this trouble to publish it as an aid to today's JD and VL restorers. You can give Greg Williams a shout and check it out at:
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    Re: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 2nd Edition Has Been Reprinted!

    Greg owns all the rights to the Nicholson books. He has re-printed the 7th edition for some time. He also wrote a really good little book about Bernie Nicholson called "Prairie dust, Motorcycles, and a Typewriter". well worth reading.

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    Re: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 2nd Edition Has Been Reprinted!

    Got my first copy in 1970 and have have collected over the years all 7 issues. There is a working copy on my workbench at all times. The book originally sold over a 1000,000 copies making Bernie probably the highest selling Canadian author. Not bad for a motorcycle book.

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    Re: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 2nd Edition Has Been Reprinted!

    Its a great book, I also have a copy in the shop. I actually lived in the building Bernie started out in, in Saskatoon

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    Re: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 2nd Edition Has Been Reprinted!

    Phil Irving's "Tuning for Speed" did me OK.

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