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Thread: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    At the very least you don't need a close pin on nose like at silver sands site.

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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    I set up at Eustis last year-sold all that I needed to sell, saw a bunch of great bikes and had a great time. Went to SS on sunday, but they were all gone except for judging (fed up with the sh!tty conditions I guess).
    Next time I will set up in Eustis and visit SS on Saturday
    I really like the Eustis location
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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    I will shop both locations.... but my preference is Eustis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hdliz View Post
    I will shop both locations.... but my preference is Eustis.
    We are holding our event at Eustis to allow people to have a preference or choice, while encouraging people to shop at both venues. We feel that we will get the vendors that for whatever reason they prefer Eustis, like we did last year and give both vendors and enthusiasts a venue with paved roads for enjoying riding or watching these old machines brought back to life. We also encourage the social part of the event with a effort to put people in spots next to their friends for vending, and encourage groups to contact us with their needs. Every effort will be made to support vintage motorcycle enthusiasts with a friendly, secure and country style swapmeet. Thanks for your support, Shelby

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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    Thank you Shelby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axeric View Post
    Thank you Shelby.
    That is the best repayment for our efforts to save Eustis as a Venue, a simple Thank you means a lot. We are doing this not expecting to make money, although paying the bill would be nice, but We just did what several others wanted to do; to save Eustis for all those members that had worked so hard to make it a great meet. Shelby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz_Kanter View Post
    Thanks for posting this. I plan ongoing there again this year. Some great stuff showed up there last year.
    Hello Buzz, we have been contacted by several AMCA chapters and other groups that want to show up at Tom Fabers Camping, look at Thread Events,Rides and Rallys, "Vintage bike camping in Florida", Tom like the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance is trying to support an "Antique Motorcycle Week" in Lake County. Due to the Farmers Market on Thursday morning at Eustis We are unable to start the Eustis Swapmeet earlier in the week, but we encourage people to come enjoy the Ocala National Forest for good Camping, riding the forest roads and socializing with like minded people that share the love of old motorcycles. It does not matter if you are an enthusist, rider, racer, restorer, craftsman or merchant of old parts, this campgrounds offers a great setting for socializing. A group of Riders from Texas Cherokee Chapter will be going for the first week and invite riders from other Chapters to meet with us there.
    My Thanks to Tom Faber for his efforts, please read his post. Shelby
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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    Sure wish I could make that meet but as usual, scheduling deals me out. Would be great to see you again Shelby. Usually only see you at Wauseon. Would be great to see all the Floridians I am aquainted with as well. Tom Faber ? I can touch bases with Tom at Wauseon. Got to camp a few doors down from Tom several times. I just can't seem to get a schedule for this meet. It is always something in my way.

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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    Does the Volusia County Swapmeet have anything to do with the AMCA or Eustis meet? I did well there when I was putting my 52 together.Been 20 yrs since I was there last!

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    Re: Eustis Florida Swapmeet

    Paul Jackson's Volusia meet is a separate meet of it's own,don't forget clothespin for AMCA meet bathrooms.

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