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Thread: Hello from Ontario Canada

  1. Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hello folks im new here and im trying to learn what i can about early american made motorcycles,i come from the antique tractor and antique gasoline engine background,but i have always wanted an old motorcycle,and now im pretty much ready to sell some things i have and save up for a project bike,im sure there plenty of guys on here who could answer any question i may have,thanks.

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    Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hi Edwin and welcome!

    You will for sure have your questions answered by all the great guys that hang around! Lots of knowledge here about old bikes!!
    From what part of Ontario are you from?
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  3. Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

  4. Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey buddy thanks im just west of the Toronto area,im sure there is alot of knowledge on this site,im will forsure stick around and learn.

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    Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hi and welcome. Lots of people here dig anything old that burns gasoline.
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  6. Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey thanks was worried about getting roughed up for the tractor video post,took me a couple years to restore it,great website so much info and knowledge on here,cant wait to get my first project.Gonna take some time to school myself first since i plan on something like an early twin,so its not gonna be cheap to begin with,but it will be fun im sure i will have a bunch of new friends at the end of the build and thats what its all about.

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    Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Welcome and that's what I call IRON.

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    Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    A Welcome from Cambridge Ontario !!!

    First, look around at the different models, pick one you like and that will work for you (daily rider, points resto, etc..)
    Educate, educate and educate yourself on that particular model of choice before any purchases (big or small), know what you need!
    This will elimated having parts that are not required for your particular model or a garage full of unusable junk that someone claimed as "still usable" .
    One of the best parts of this hobby is the hunt for parts (if you choose that route).
    Follow forums like this one, they are full of information, opinions...ask questions.
    Attend swapmeets, they are good for still picking up bikes and parts AND are usually fair priced. Ebay prices are usually very expensive.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hello Derek from Cambridge from Milrite from Cambridge..... Galt....

    And welcome Edwin from just west of T.O.!

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    Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

    Shit Milrite....I could probably hit you in the head with a rock, if I knew where in Galt!!!...I'm there too.

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